Below is a list of the services we provide:

Skimming and re-skimming

This is when two smooth finish plaster coats are applied to the walls or ceiling of the interior of a building:

  • It leaves the surface ready for you to paint or hang wallpaper on  
  • Stripping wall paper often reveals a surface with scars and bumps which paint alone would not disguise.

Plastering over Brick and block work

  • A scratch coat is applied to the wall which provides a key for the floating coat
  • Once the floating coat is on it is ruled off until it's completely flat
  • The plaster is then keyed using a devil float and now the wall is ready for skimming


  • Archways add elegance and style to any home
  • An archway is usually built using metal arch formers available in an attractive range of shapes
  • These can be purchased at any good builders merchants or DIY store

Plastering over artex

  • Increasingly theses days there is much call for plastering over artex
  • Most artex surfaces can be scraped back and given a 2 coat skim to achieve a smooth flat finish

Plastering over lath and plaster

  • A problem with aging lath and plaster is it becomes live or blown.
  • With ceilings, the damage is much more obvious as it common for blown plaster to fall from the ceiling onto the floor
  • The average thickness of a lath and plaster ceiling is 19 mm and the result of a blown piece dropping is a lot of dust, damage to furniture, and most serious of all the risk of accident.
  • Have your lath and plaster ceilings and walls reinforced with plaster board prior to skimming, removing the risk of accidents in your home.

Plasterboard work

  • It comes in many forms and can be cut to fit areas you intend to board
  • It can be fixed directly to wooden or metal studs with dry wall screws or can be dabbed onto brick or block work with dry-wall adhesive


  • A decorative feature positioned between ceiling and walls


  • Rendering is the process of applying a sand, cement and lime mix to a brick or block work surface
  • Often the base line of the render is curved, allowing rain to drip to the ground away from brickwork below the damp proof course
  • A water proofing compound is added to the render to prevent damp penetrating through

Floor Screeding

  • Getting a smooth, level surface to a concrete floor is essential for wood, carpet, vinyl or laminate floor coverings
  • Floor screeding can be laid on an existing concrete base or on to celotex boards to assist with insulating the room
  • Floor screeding can conceal under floor heating

"We would like to commend Rob for his professional assistance with the refurbishment of our Victorian house. The plastering work was of a high standard and we would especially like to thank you for your patience with the disruption caused with the change of our plans. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend you."

- Mrs. Rusbridge

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